Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens positions are essentially hired to fill in for absent employees or during times where extra staffing is required. In order to sufficiently take care of patients during times of staff shortages due to a number of causes, facilities will hire locum tenens which are temporary in nature. Locum tenens means "to hold the place of, to substitute for." The term was originally coined as part of a grant that provided physician staffing to rural health clinics in the U.S. Because the program was so widely successful, many hospital administrators and physicians began searching for locum tenens physician staffing assistance.

+ How do I Get Started?

Getting started with iMed is simple! All you have to do is fill out a couple of forms, and then you're added to our locum tenens list. For more details, check out our Provider Resources page.

+ Will Imed help me to get licenses in other states?

The licensing process can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks depending on the state and the IMED team is here to help you through every step of the application. Many facilities will accept a locum who is interested in providing coverage pending license approval. We welcome you to reach out to any of our Agents to ask about the licensing process and visit a state you were always interested in.