CRNAs and MDAs Needed On NY Water Front


 If you are a CRNA or Anesthesiologist looking to brush up on a wide variety of case types, this may be the locum assignment for you! Case types are general, some ENT, ortho, urology, OB/GYN, basic peds (very few), vascular, and regionals for total joints (no neuro, no pain mgmt, no hearts, no transplants) Endo and bariactric surgery. MDAs or CRNAs will place epidurals. 4MDA/3 CRNA staffing model. Typically run with 3MDA/3CRNA to account for vacations. MDAs take all of the call, 1:3. CRNAs should expect 10/hr shifts or more and are supervised but not medically directed. MDAs and CRNAs alike are scheduled up to 50hours/week and OT starts after 40 hours.

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New York