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We work hard to place CRNAs and Anesthesiologists in jobs where they thrive, and help facilities fill open spaces. But don't take our word for it. See what our customers have to say!

"Dear Ed,

I just got home to find an awesome package of chocolates, cherries & nuts on my porch! What a lovely surprise! Thanks to all of you for all the care you have provided to me in this difficult year. It seems a little strange that people I have not met face to face should have such a positive impact on my life, but that's the special ness of you & your staff. I know there is always a kind, helpful voice on the phone. First Anna (who I miss) & now Whitney (who I greatly appreciate) are such great liaisons. I'm so thankful for ALL their help! They are a great reflection of your company voice!

Thank you for all you do! I feel most fortunate to have found y'all to assist with my LT adventures! May 2018 be a great year for all of us!"

Melissa Clinkscales, Chief CRNA, ApolloMD

"Donny, I never got back with you on this inventory list. I love it! This is perfect and will make it so much easier for me to keep up with. I just have to tell you that I have worked with many locum and staffing companies and you are by far the best that I have ever worked with. You are efficient and so helpful when it comes to crossing through the maze of credentialing at facilities. I just wanted to let you know that we are all just so impressed with the job you are doing. I would like for you to forward this to whoever your supervisor, boss, etc is because you are securing business from our company for a long time to come. We love you and I would not dream of using anyone else to help us staff our facilities."

Kay Long, CRNA

"I am writing on behalf of Independence Anesthesia Services. I am a CRNA and have worked with a multitude of staffing agencies in the health care industry over my 30 year career. It is my personal and professional opinion that Independence Anesthesia is an outstanding and unparalleled agency. I was initially impressed with the staff’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when joining in November 2011. After almost 2 years, they continue to demonstrate all of these qualities and more.

Donny handles my current locum tenens assignment. Not only is he committed to my professional needs, but he also strives to keep the facility satisfied with our services. He has a relentless perseverance which consistently makes everyone happy.

The group at Independence Anesthesia is highly efficient in communication. Their response to my phone calls and emails are always immediate. They are diligent and helpful with the initial and ongoing credentialing process. They go above and beyond their call of duty to tackle this complex process in a timely manner.

I heartily endorse the entire team. They are reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat."

J. Henderson, President Riverview Anesthesia, President ALANA

"iMed has provided my group with quality professionals who arrive on assignment ready to work. They are very organized and provided full credentialing information to our hospital. Secondly, I was highly impressed with their availability in the office. There were many occasions when I needed to speak with them after hours, and they were there to assist me. I wish their firm great success as they continue to grow."

J. Fox, CRNA

"iMed is a first class company! They are very quick in reimbursing for licenses and sending my payroll electronically. iMed is a combination of the best of what other agencies offer rolled into one!"

Independence Medical Services (iMed) is a full service staffing agency that has specialized in Locum Tenens jobs for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists since 2003.

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iMed Services
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